Article 1 – Identity of the seller

The website, accessible via the address ,hereinafter referred to as “Website”, operated by Veresto bv, with registered office at Houtum 39,2460 Kasterlee, included in the KBO under the number BE 0471 551 147, hereinafter referred to as “Veresto bv“.
Phone number: +32 3 308.06.40
Email address:
Bank account – BE85 7390 1417 2206

Article 2 – Definitions

  • Seller: Veresto bv
  • Buyer: any natural person who, solely for non-professional purposes, acquires or uses products or services placed on the market by Veresto bv.
  • Distance contract: any agreement between Veresto bv and the Buyer regarding goods or services concluded within the framework of a system for distance selling or services organised by the supplier whereby, for this agreement, only one or more techniques for distance communication up to and including the conclusion of the agreement itself are used.
  • Goods: any product offered for sale by Veresto bv on the Website.
  • Website: the Seller’s website, accessible via Veresto
  • Technique for distance communication: any means that, without the simultaneous physical presence of Veresto bv and the Buyer, can be used for the conclusion of the agreement between these parties.

Article 3 – Applicability

  • Unless expressly agreed otherwise in advance and in writing, these General Terms and Conditions apply to every offer made by Veresto bv and to any distance agreement concluded between Veresto bv and the Buyer.
  • These General Terms and Conditions apply to any offer made by Veresto bv as a merchant to the Buyer, any natural person who, solely for non-professional purposes, acquires or uses products and/or services placed on the market.
  • In order to place an order, the Buyer must be at least 18 years old. If this is not the case, the order must be placed by the parent(s) or the legal guardian. In the event that Veresto bv notices that the order was still placed by a minor, Veresto bv reserves the right to refuse such an order.
  • Veresto bv only supplies in Belgium. If a delivery address is specified in another country, Veresto bv may decide to refuse the order.
  • The General Terms and Conditions are always available via the Website
  • If a distance contract is concluded electronically, a copy of the General Terms and Conditions will be delivered to the Buyer together with the order confirmation, or at the latest upon delivery, in a format that can store or print it.
  • In the event that, in addition to these General Terms and Conditions, specific goods or service conditions also apply, and there are differences between the Additional Terms and Conditions and the General Terms and Conditions, then in principle the provisions of the Additional Terms and Conditions apply above the General Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise stipulated.
  • One or more provisions in these General Terms and Conditions can only be deviated from if this has been explicitly agreed in writing. The other provisions of these terms and conditions shall remain in full force and effect in that case.
  • General Terms and Conditions that the Buyer applies do not apply, unless this is explicitly agreed by Veresto bv.
  • Veresto bv reserves the right to change and/or supplement the General Terms and Conditions at any time for future orders.
  • By using the Websites of Veresto bv and/or placing an order, the Buyer accepts these General Terms and Conditions as well as all other rights and obligations as stated on the website.
  • If one or more provisions of these General Terms and Conditions would at any time be wholly or partially unlawful, void or unenforceable for any other reason, then this condition will be deemed to be able to be separated from these General Terms and Conditions and not affect the validity and enforceability of the other provisions. These General Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between the Buyer and Veresto bv, with regard to the material contained therein.

Article 4 – Offers and conclusion of agreements

  • Offers are valid as long as they are listed on the Website and while stocks last.
  • If the offer is subject to certain conditions, this is explicitly stated in the offer.
  • Veresto bv always describes as completely and accurately as possible what they sell and how the ordering process will go. In any case, the description is sufficiently detailed to let you make a good assessment. In the event that Veresto bv uses images for the offered goods and/or services, these are displayed as accurately and truthfully as possible. However, erring is human and if Veresto bv has clearly made a mistake, it is not obliged to deliver.
  • An agreement is concluded and is final at the moment that an order confirmation has been handed over to the Buyer, or has been sent by e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the Buyer, and as soon as Veresto bv has received the approval of the card issuer for the payment transaction with credit or debit cards.
  • In the event that that issuer of the card refuses to agree to the payment, Veresto bv cannot be held responsible for delays in the delivery and/or non-delivery of the order made by the Buyer. Orders without valid payment in the name of the registered cardholder will not be accepted or processed.
  • The consumer who purchases goods from Veresto bv is the final consumer. The goods may not be resold in any way.

Article 5 – Order

  • To purchase a product online, the product must be added to the shopping cart, after which the buyer’s contact and invoicing details must be entered. After this, the Buyer can choose the method of delivery: home address, specific delivery address, … At the last step, the Buyer ends up on an overview page, where the General Terms and Conditions are accepted, and the payment is confirmed by pressing the order button with the caption “order with payment obligation” or a corresponding formulation. Once these steps have been completed, the purchase is final.

Article 6 – Subscription

  • The buyer can decide to only place a 1-time order with Veresto bv or decide to enter into a subscription. In the case of a single order, it is under no circumstances possible to use any foreseen or issued coupons.
  • In the event that the Buyer decides to enter into a subscription with Veresto bv, he has the choice between the following options:
    • A weekly subscription of 3 meals for 2 or 4 people
    • A fortnightly subscription of 3 meals for 2 or 4 people
  • The Buyer must indicate on a weekly basis which dishes he wishes to order from the list made available on the Website. The Buyer always has a choice of 3 dishes.
  • In the event that the Buyer does not choose from the list made available, Veresto bv chooses which dishes are gelled.
  • The Buyer always has the possibility to pause the subscription. This for one week, two weeks or indefinitely.
  • In the event that the Buyer wishes to pause the subscription, he must inform Veresto bv at the latest 4 days before the next delivery. This via the website » My account » My subscription
  • If the Buyer wishes to terminate the subscription entered into, this can be done no later than 4 days before the next delivery. This via the website » My account » My details
  • If the Buyer wishes to change his or her subscription, this can be done no later than 4 days before the next delivery. This via the website » My account » My subscription

Article 7 – Prices

  • All prices are expressed in euro and include VAT or any other tax imposed by the authorities.
  • In the event that the Buyer enters into a subscription, the price is this for the subscription entered into. In the event of renewal or extension of the subscription, a new price will be due.
  • The Buyer owes the price agreed to during the last step of the ordering process and which Veresto bv has communicated in its order confirmation. Obvious errors in the quotation, such as obvious inaccuracies, can also be corrected by Veresto bv after the conclusion of the agreement.
  • Delivery costs and return costs are clearly communicated to the Buyer. With regard to certain payment methods, further conditions apply with regard to the delivery method and any costs. This will be clearly communicated to the Buyer.

Article 8 – Payment

  • For orders via the Website, payment can be made in the following ways:
    • Credit card
    • Bancontact
      Veresto bv can expand the payment options in the future. Expansion of payment options will also be announced via the Website.
  • If a payment method with a credit card is chosen, the terms and conditions of the relevant card issuer apply to this. Veresto bv is not a party to the relationship between the Buyer and the card issuer.
  • In order to ensure a secure payment and the security of the Buyer’s personal data, the transaction data is sent encrypted with SSL technology over the Internet. To pay with SSL, you don’t need any special software. You can recognize a secure SSL connection by the “lock” in the bottom status bar of your browser.

Article 9 – Delivery and delivery period

  • All goods will be delivered to the address specified by the Buyer at the time of ordering.
  • Orders will be processed as soon as possible. The delivery will always take place at Express Telecom, Diestsestraat 198, 3000 Leuven
  • If a product ordered by the Buyer is temporarily out of stock, Veresto bv will inform the Buyer as soon as possible, via e-mail. The Buyer then has the possibility to choose another product from the provided list. Under no circumstances does this give the Buyer the right to terminate or dissolve the agreement or to claim compensation.
  • The transport of the goods will always take place at the risk of Veresto bv.
  • As soon as the products to be delivered have been delivered to the specified delivery address, the risk, in the case of these products, passes to the Buyer.
  • From the moment of receipt by the consumer, the goods must be stored immediately in the refrigerator or in the freezer, depending on the product, given the nature of the product.
  • The Buyer or any other person must be present at the specified address at the time of delivery of the product to receive it.
  • If Veresto bv delivers to the buyer, it is not liable for failed deliveries if:
    • provide the Buyer with an incorrect or outdated address;
    • no one is present at the address specified by the Buyer;
    • the Buyer does not immediately provide a correct/new address.
  • The total liability of Veresto bv in the event of a shortcoming in its obligations will in no case exceed the purchase price of the product / products in question.
  • Given the nature of the product, po box addresses are not accepted when registering the buyer

Article 10 –  Right of withdrawal

  • According to Book VI of the Code of Economic Law, there is no right of withdrawal for foodstuffs and perishable goods. Your purchase is therefore final and will not be taken back by Veresto bv.
  • With regard to entering into the subscription, the Buyer has 7 days cooling-off period, insofar as the execution, the first purchase, has not yet taken place.

Article 11 – Conformity and Warranty

  • Veresto bv guarantees that the products comply with the order made and meet the normal expectations that the Buyer may have taking into account the specifications of the product. Veresto bv also guarantees that its goods comply with all existing laws at the time of ordering.
  • The products sold by Veresto bv are fresh foods. Veresto bv does its utmost to ensure that a correct and safe delivery will take place, taking into account the freshness of its goods, but cannot give an absolute guarantee about the quality of the transport. In addition, the consumer is obliged to place the goods received immediately in the refrigerator or freezer in order to guarantee the quality of the goods.
  • Veresto bv delivers the goods by means of refrigerated shipment in order to guarantee the quality of its goods as much as possible. In the exceptional event that the quality of the delivery would still be affected, the Buyer must immediately, immediately at the time of delivery, inform Veresto bv and provide proof of this. The Buyer is always obliged to inspect the goods accurately immediately after receipt. Complaints from the Buyer, which relate to defects in the product or delivery, which are outwardly observable (for example, if the products would no longer be fresh, or were damaged during transport), must therefore be immediately notified by the Buyer to Veresto bv by e-mail and this at the latest within 4 hours after receipt via
  • Defects caused by the consumer’s failure to place them in the refrigerator in time cannot be recovered from Veresto bv.

Article 12 – Force majeure

  • In the event of force majeure, Veresto bv is not obliged to fulfil its obligations. In that case, it can either suspend its obligations for the duration of the force majeure or permanently dissolve the agreement.
  • Force majeure is any circumstance beyond the control and control of Veresto bv that prevents the fulfilment of its obligations in whole or in part. Below we understand, among other things, but not limited to: strikes, unexpected traffic jams, accidents on European roads, fire, business failures, power failures, malfunctions in a (telecommunications) network or connection or used communication systems and/or the unavailability of the website at any time, non-delivery or late delivery of suppliers or other engaged third parties,…

Article 13 – Intellectual property

  • The Buyer expressly acknowledges that all intellectual property rights of displayed information, communications or other expressions with regard to the products and/or the Website are vested in Veresto bv, its suppliers or other rightholders.
  • Intellectual property rights are understood to mean patent, copyright, trademark, design and/or other (intellectual property) rights, including technical and/or commercial know-how, methods and concepts that may or may not be patentable.
  • The Buyer is prohibited from using and/or making changes to the intellectual property rights as described in this article, such as reproduction without the express prior written permission of Veresto bv, its suppliers or other rightholders, unless it concerns only private use of the product itself.

Article 14 – Complaints procedure

  • Veresto bv does everything possible to satisfy its customers 100%. If the Buyer does have complaints about its services and/or products, this Veresto bv can contact you by e-mail
  • With each complaint, an attempt is made to deal with it within 7 working days.

Article 15 – Applicable law and competent court

  • All offers and agreements are exclusively governed by Belgian law.
  • The applicability of the Vienna Sales Convention is expressly excluded
  • All disputes relating to or arising from offers from Veresto bv or agreements concluded with it will be submitted to the competent courts and tribunals of Turnhout unless a mandatory legal provision explicitly designates another court as competent.

Article 16 – Various provisions

  • Veresto bv is not liable for any damage or consequential damage resulting from the incorrect storage, preparation or late preparation/consumption of the delivered products.
  • Veresto always does what is necessary to clearly indicate which products it supplies and if necessary the products will be provided with an ingredient list. Veresto bv is not liable for allergies or intolerances nor any consequential damage thereof.
  • Veresto bv’s failure or late exercise of the rights in the event of any violation by the Buyer cannot be regarded or interpreted as a statement (explicitly or implicitly in its entirety or in part) of its rights, nor does this prevent the exercise of these rights. A waiver of rights must always be made explicitly and in writing. In the event that an express written waiver of a right was made by Veresto bv in a specific circumstance, this cannot be understood as a waiver of right for other or future infringements.
  • For all additional information or comments regarding these General Terms and Conditions, please contact Veresto bv at the following address: Veresto bv with registered office at 2460 Kasterlee, Houtum 39, Belgium, by e-mail: or by telephone: +32 3 380 06 40
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